Old New Borrowed and Blues

Darian Nelson

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Monday 19:00 20:00

Old New Borrowed and Blues

This is a show for fans of Folk music, Country AND Western, Americana, Rock and Blues. More importantly it’s a show for fans of hybrids of those genres, Folk/Rock, Blues/Rock, Folk/Metal and those who are always open to hearing something new. I will be playing everything from traditional acoustic folk songs that date back hundreds of years but which modern artists have re-interpreted to songs in other languages and tracks that borrow from artists and blend styles to create whole new exciting music.

I’ll try and introduce listeners to new artists they won’t have heard of, play old favourites and generally liven up your Monday evenings with a wide range of music that has one thing in common: it’s all good! So even if you think those styles of music aren’t that appealing, I intend to prove otherwise. Give the show a listen, you may find yourself loving a whole new artist or two.

I also plan to have a regular community theatre feature, informing you what’s on stage in the local area and maybe even interviewing those involved in producing acting and directing.

So join me, Darian Nelson, immediately after Off The Beaten Track, Mondays at 7pm on Somer Valley FM

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