Promote your business, products and services across our region, in a flexible way that suits you.

Broadcasting your business message on Somer Valley could influence up to 400,000 listeners.*


  • We time your airplay to target your specific audience
  • We create the right tone of voice and message to suit your brand
  • Your advert could be on air in just a few days.


  • Sponsor specific shows which interest your target market
  • Connect your business to the heart of the community
  • Boost brand awareness and stimulate sales.

It’s efficient:

For every £1 spent on radio advertising you get twice as much audience as any other advertising channel.

It’s trusted:

87% of people say that they trust radio, the original influencer, making it the UK’s most trusted medium with loyal listeners.

It’s relevant:

Adverts on the radio talk to the right people at the right time and place.

It’s always on:

Live Radio has low ad avoidance, you cannot fast-forward through a radio ad.

Unlock Your Businesses Potential with Somer Valley.

Somer Valley FM offers Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities. Advertising is a flexible way of promoting your business to the local community, whereas sponsorship associates your business with award winning radio. Email us now on

*Based on DAB and FM coverage maps and population data.

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